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Eun Y Lee

I experience ordinary landscapes in my daily life, from which I like to collect the fragments of
their light and form, then blend those into my paintings.
For example, when I observe the grass waving in the wind for a long time, I sense a
discrepancy where the grass seems surreal because it seems so natural. It’s a game I’ve been
playing since I was a little child, searching for this element of uncommonness and the crevice
where this fissure begins. Perhaps this is an act of searching for the place that exists between
the reality and the alternate universe that are interconnected.
I hold a belief that everything in this universe is interconnected, and that when the matters are
arranged like puzzle pieces and zoomed out enough, the oneness will be apparent. I am
searching for such fragments of the scenery, containing matters that seem incongruous from
each other, and rearranging them in the place where my life meets with others’, or where my
past and the present meet.
Sometimes I secretly juxtapose plants that grow in different climates, and use the light and color
from the ambiguous moments that may be at dawn or sunset. Most of the paintings seem to be
real, but they also create a surreal atmosphere.
The familiar yet surreal spaces in the paintings are also variations of time and stories that I have
experienced firsthand. It is a protected place where unexpected threats from reality are ruled
out. I sit there and relax for a while and think how beautiful the rivers, seas, fields, forests and
the lakes are.
The poet W.B Yeats said, “We only believe in those thoughts which have been conceived not in
the brain but in the whole body.” I hope that the various emotions and thoughts I collect from
walking and experiencing through my body will become a part of the place I paint.
Instagram: eunleesutdio

2023 Lingering Gaze, Gallerie Kobeia, Munich, Germany
2023 A piece of Landscape , Gallery Dam, Seoul, Korea
2022 Voyage, Galerie Orange,Tegernsee, Germany
2020 Paintings and Books, Librairie Française à Munich, Germany
2012 Collection of peaches, Petit Coin, London, UK
2012 Internal Landscape, Mostart, London, UK

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